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I have used this clinic in the past for my back and should have taken the time to write them up, but am now back at PTA for my knees. I have used Dr. Fiebert in the past and he continues to be MY therapist. He not only has helped me with my knees and back, but also makes it entertaining. His warm and outgoing personality make all the difference in the world. This visit I noticed a difference with new equipment and new therapists after the changes in management. Rita and Ira have always made the difference and it is great to see them on top as the dynamic duo they have always been. They truly make the clinic. This is the only place to go for help in South Miami.

Barry S.

I have had therapy in the past at other places, but this is by far the best I have ever been to. Dr. Fiebert is so compassionate and gives you the time and attention you deserve. He spends so much time explaining things that even the doctor didn't tell me. I would highly recommend this facility to all of my friends. The staff is friendly and they truly helped me to heal my neck.

Lisa C.

I have had Two Total Knee replacements & was referred by my surgeon to P T Associates. I have been undergoing Therapy for more than eight weeks. My therapist Rita has been outstanding. She is very knowledgeable, professional, flexible, patient and funny. Her excellent interpersonal skills, with a diverse patient population are an asset. I find it a joy to come here. All staff members are accommodating and friendly. Finally, the overall environment & equipment will meet your needs.

Yolande M.

Rita and company were outstanding. After a diagnosis of a partially torn labrum, we got right to work. Rita told me what to expect and how long it will take. After re-gaining 100% mobility, Rita designed a set of exercises for me to do at home. They are responsible for my healthy left shoulder! Everybody working in the business is efficient and friendly, always honoring their appointment times and getting you through the process as fast as possible.

David L.