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30 years ago Ira and Linda Fiebert, both physical therapists, fell in love, got married and decided to merge their dreams of creating a physical therapy practice that would be the type of office where they would want to send their family and friends. They imagined a warm, friendly and fun environment combined with a group of therapists immensely talented and smart with unique clinical skills and devotion to their patients. Fast forward 30 years and one child later the Fiebert’s have realized their mutual dream by sustaining two successful private practices; Physical Therapy Institute in Delray Beach and Physical Therapy Associates in South Miami.

30 years ago Ron Magill met Rita Magill while being treated for a crocodile bite at a local hospital where Rita was working as a physical therapy tech. 14 months later they were married while Rita was a physical therapy student of Ira’s at University of Miami. As a student of Ira’s she immediately made her intentions known that when she graduated from U of M she wanted to work at PT Associates. Fast forward 30 years and two children later the Magill’s have been an integral part of PT Associates success; Rita with her passion and devotion to her patients and both of them for their love and commitment to the locale South Miami community.

31 years later and over 50000 patient names in our database we are still embracing and appreciating our patients every day, cultivating the skills of our therapists and trying to stay one or two steps ahead of the business of healthcare. So many of our patients are husband and wife, parents and kids, friends of friends and family of physicians.

Try us out, join our extended circle of patients, multigenerational families coming in when their bodies hurt or are having trouble doing the things they like to do in their daily or recreational lives. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and making your therapy a positive experience.



"It is a great feeling to help patient's alleviate pain and disability and resume their chosen functional activities. With this goal in mind, Rita and I, have cultivated PTA to be the # 1 venue to enhance the quality of thousands of patient's lives."

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"PTA represents the merger of my professional and personal dreams… to work side by side with my life partner providing physical therapy services that would meet the highest standards that I would want my family members to receive."

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"What drew me to the profession of physical therapy was that it involves the "brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist." PTA, from the beginning, has allowed me to combine these three tenets in the most effective way for my patients, ensuring their optimal outcome"

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"When I was badly bitten by a crocodile and required surgery, Rita was part of my therapy team that did an amazing job of not only getting me pain free, but also totally returning my range of motion in all affected areas. I was so impressed with her abilities, that I married her a year later!! I know that makes me a bit biased, but the bottom line is that I am as good as new thanks, in large part, to her care!"

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