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Ira and Rita and our hand selected physical therapists “all go above and beyond the norm” to help our patients and clients succeed in their stated goals. Whether it is to get back to work, to play in professional or amateur sports, to be able to be independent when travelling or to be comfortable when watching TV, the Physical Therapy Associates (PTA) team is 100% there for you.

Points To Consider When Selecting the Best Physical Therapist For You

All physical therapists are NOT the same

  • PTA physical therapists are all Doctors of Physical Therapy; not all physical therapists are.
  • PTA physical therapists have been with us for over ten years; most physical therapists do not have that longevity.
  • PTA therapy staff regularly participate in ongoing education to remain tops in their field & also teach at local universities; most therapists can not say the same.

We think you will find PTA’s standards and professional training are of the highest order. We hope you will be our next success story.

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All physical therapy offices are NOT the same

  • PTA is owned by the two local therapists who opened its doors 33 years ago; most PT offices currently are owned by hospitals, outside investors, public companies or physician owners answering to outside interests.
  • PTA is responsive to your needs and customizes your care; many PT experiences are impersonal and ineffective.
  • PTA treats many patients without a prescription; many venues will not
  • PTA treats you like family striving to establish lifelong relationships; many PT experiences are impersonal and one size fits all.

All physical therapy visits do NOT cost the same

  • PTA’s negotiated fee schedules are always less expensive than local hospitals; in most cases hospital outpatient being the most expensive venue to receive care.
  • PTA is a participating provider for most insurance plans including Medicare and Blue Cross; many PT offices are not as many insurance panels are closed.
  • PTI has a discounted cash only fee schedule for clients who do not have insurance; most PT venues are more expensive.
  • PTA provides payment transparency by doing our billing onsite and is client friendly helping you to understand your insurance coverage; most PT offices outsource billing and do not have the staff to provide this service.

Read what your neighbors have to say...

  • I started physical therapy for patellar tendinitis as a result of parkour and rock climbing. I was referred to Physical Therapy Associates and was very impressed with how helpful and attentive they were to my needs. My therapist gave me the best exercises and treatment I could have asked for. I started to notice a difference fairly quickly and before I knew it I was doing parkour and rock climbing again! My therapist helped me meet my goals and my doctor was very impressed with my outcome. I am very thankful to PTA and their staff, and would recommend them to anyone in need of therapy.

    Oreste A.

  • I have had mobility issues for many years and have been to several physical therapy centers. This is one of the best. Ira is the BEST therapist I have had. His techniques include exercises from yoga and strengthening. He is an instructor of pt students at the U of Miami. This shows in his knowledge and interaction with those working in his center. I highly recommend this center!

    Sandra B.

  • I am so incredibly pleased with this facility!!! I came in barely walking and with severe low back pain and after a couple sessions I'm pain free. Truly. My mobility has improved tremendously. Gabby was a top notch therapist. I just couldn't be happier. I was reluctant in doing therapy again as my results were always a disappointment. But even though my MRIs show worsening of my lumbar/spine - I'm feeling better than ever. I'm incredibly thankful.

    Barbara M.

  • Professionalism, kindness and competency are the 3 qualities that impressed the most about the Physical Therapy Associates PA staff. During my visits there I had the pleasure to be under the care of an exceptional physical therapist, Rita Magill, not only was she incredibly knowledgeable but she was also very professional and friendly and she made my visits fun and productive. I would recommend Physical Therapy Associates to anyone who is seeking hands on expertise within a professional and friendly environment. My special thanks to Rita.

    Jorge M.

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